MIAMI – The Star Alliance has announced it will establish a new management office in the competitive city-state Singapore later this year. The decision was undertaken by the Alliance’s Chief Executive Board, comprising the Chief Executive Officers of the 26 member airlines.

The idea to establish the Singapore office is driven by the Alliance’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan. With the future of aviation unclear, businesses are reimagining their plans and strategies, with Star Alliance being no different. Furthermore, Singapore was selected to “future proof” the alliance due to the access to innovation and business ease.

The new office will add to the existing presence in Frankfurt, Germany, where Star Alliance has its other ‘Centre of Excellence.’ Moreover, Member Airlines Lufthansa (LH) and Singapore Airlines (SQ) both have hubs in Frankfurt and Singapore respectively, another benefit due to the member airlines digital customer service innovations.

Lufthansa Star Alliance A340. Photo: Casey Groulx / Airways

COVID-19 Recovery

With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are looking towards their post-Coronavirus future. With the lasting effects on the decimated aviation industry, Star Alliance is putting the businesses in a position to succeed. The city-state of Singapore is the host to one of the most competitive countries for ease of business according to the World Bank.

Star Alliance said in a press release, “All businesses are reimagining a post-pandemic world fundamentally changed by COVID-19, and the associated disruption to global networks, economies, and the livelihoods of many. A consequence of the world’s reaction to COVID-19 has been the destabilizing effect it has had on aviation. This decision to future-proof the Alliance was made against this backdrop.”

The Alliance considers this new centre of excellence to be a key part in Star Alliance’s strategy to stay “innovative, resilient and nimble.”

Featured image: Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Boeing 777. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways