MIAMI – According to a press release from Boeing, SMBC Aviation Capital will acquire 14 more Boeing 737 MAX 8 to expand its portfolio.

The lessor is increasing its 737 MAX inventory as airlines around the world prepare for a proper return to commercial aviation. Global airlines are focusing on modernizing their narrowbody fleets as a way of reducing their use of fossil fuels and carbon footprint.

The latest transaction will increase Boeing’s single-aisle family share in SMBC’s assets. Therefore, bringing SMBC Aviation Capital’s 737 MAX portfolio to 121 aircraft. In addition, SMBC Aviation Capital continues to incorporate new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into its global fleet.

The lessor delivered 13 Boeing 737-8 aircraft to customers in the first quarter of 2021. That includes 11 to Southwest Airlines (WN) in the United States and two to TUI in Europe.

The interiors of brand new Boeing 737MAX 8. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Comments from SMBC and Boeing

“We are pleased to have concluded an agreement with Boeing for the purchase of 14 low-cost carrier configured 737 MAX aircraft which is an aircraft we are seeing increased customer demand for following its successful return to service,” said Peter Barrett, CEO of SMBC Aviation Capital.

“SMBC has been actively managing its portfolio in a very dynamic market. With this new order for the fuel-efficient 737-8, the lessor well positioned itself to help its customers capture domestic travel demand in several countries and regions,” said Ihssane Mounir, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

The Boeing 737 Max family. Photo: Boeing

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Order Increase

The Boeing 737-8, is a member of the 737 MAX program. Boeing designed the series to bring greater fuel economy, increase reliability, and enhance the flexibility of the single-aisle segment. The Boeing 737-8 has a range of 3,550 nautical miles, which is about 600 longer than its predecessor.

This capability enables operators to expand fresh and more convenient routes to travelers. Moreover, the 737-8 is more efficient than the planes it replaces. Therefore, cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 16 percent while also lowering operational costs.

Alaska Airlines (AS), Southwest Airlines (WN), and United Airlines (UA) have all recently placed firm orders ahead of SMBC Aviation Capital. Consequently, this year, the cumulative amount of gross orders and commitments for the 737 MAX has surpassed 250 aircraft.

Featured image: SMBC Aviation Capital