MIAMI – Following a two-and-a-half-year suspension, Boeing 737 MAXs have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to return to service.

The CAAS conducted a thorough assessment of the modifications to the aircraft type put forth by Boeing and approved by the FAA. 

The Authority also “reviewed the operational data of flights of the aircraft that had resumed service over the past nine months and observed that there have been no notable safety issues.”

A global ban on 737 MAX operations, including the one in Singapore, was in response to two infamous crashes involving the aircraft type, which took place in Ethiopia and Indonesia. The lifting of the suspension comes as aviation authorities in various Asian countries have cleared the Boeing 737 MAX for operations in recent weeks. 

These countries include India, which lifted their ban three weeks ago, and Malaysia, which only lifted their ban three days ago. The last major hurdle for Boeing remains the grounding of the 737 MAX in China, home to some of the world’s largest operators of the aircraft type. 

Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

MAXs in Singapore; Who’s Flying Them?

At the time of suspension, airlines operating Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into Singapore included China Southern Airlines (CZ), Garuda Indonesia (GA), Shandong Airlines (SC), Thai Lion Air (SL), and Silk Air (MI). In January of 2021, MI announced that it would merge into its parent airline, Singapore Airlines (SQ). 

As a result of the merger, SQ announced that it would take on MI’s six Boeing 737-8s and existing orders for eight of the same aircraft type. 

According to Reuters, SQ will be taking steps to bring the aircraft type into service in the coming weeks, and has been “progressively flown its six 737-8s back to Singapore from Alice Springs, Australia, where they were parked in 2019.”

Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

MAXs in a Global Lens

Following the ungrounding of the Boeing 737 MAX in various countries, the aircraft type has become ubiquitous in North America and Europe in particular. 

Coupled with the increase in travel demand in recent months, the aircraft type has seen a dramatic comeback.

The aircraft type is popular among major airlines in North America, such as American Airlines (AA), Alaska Airlines (AS), Southwest Airlines (WN), United Airlines (UA), Air Canada (AC), and Aeromexico (AM). 

Featured Image: Max Langley/Airways