Picture by Boeing.

MIAMI — Singapore Airlines budget carrier, Scoot, will receive its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in November. It will be the first Asian airline to take delivery of the 787-9.

The budget carrier took over Singapore Airlines’ order for 20 Boeing 787 aircraft in late 2011.

Once Scoot starts to receive its 787s, the airline plans to phase out its entire fleet of six 777-200s by mid-2015. Some of the 777s are expected to be transferred to its future Bangkok-based carrier NokScoot.

The 787s will be an important development for the airline as it will usher in significant efficiency improvements. Scoot’s CEO, Campbell Wilson, says the 787 will initially be operated on flights to Australia, Japan and Taiwan. He also expects the 787 to allow Scoot to improve load factors as the aircraft has 7% fewer seats than the 777-200. Plus, the company expects to achieve a 20% per seat fuel reduction on the 787-9 compared to the 777-200.

Meet Scoot’s 787s

Scoot’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will have a capacity of 375 seats total.

The economy cabin will have 340 total seats in a 3x3x3 layout with a 31 inch seat pitch. A few will feature extra legroom, up to a 34in pitch. Scoot will retain its “Scootin Silence” quiet zone, a 45 seat mini cabin located behind ScootBiz. The quiet zone is only available to passengers aged above twelve. Also, Scoot plans to offer passengers the ability to buy an adjacent empty seat.

The business cabin with feature 35 ScootBiz all-leather seats in a 2x3x2 layout with a 38 inch seat pitch and a 7 inch recline. ScootBiz is a premium economy like product that offers m eals, drinks, in-flight entertainment and checked bags are included with ScootBiz tickets.


The 787 will offer in-seat power in both cabins. There will be no seatback or drop down video monitors, but Wi-Fi and downloadable in-flight entertainment will be offered. Tablets will be provided in ScootBiz free of charge.

Video of Scoot’s 787: