MIAMI – Today, Rolls-Royce revealed in a press release that together with DHL Express (D0) signed a TotalCare agreement for the Trent 700 engines. The Trent 700s currently power the eight Airbus A330 freighter aircraft of the worldwide operating logistics company. Besides, the agreement will also cover any future DHL’s purchase of Trent 700 engines.

Rolls-Royce’s TotalCare not only supports its airline clients but also freight carriers. To Clarify TotalCare is a service model that focuses on predictability and reliability, rather than simply an engine maintenance schedule.

Via a dollar-per-flying-hour payment mechanism, this deal would provide DHL with a guaranteed cost of running and repairing their Trent 700 engines. It would also improve aircraft availability due to the extensive engine experience of the engine maker. That experience is the result of two things, first a very sophisticated engine health monitoring.

Secondly, the 62 million flying hours accrued by the Trent 700 over more than 25 years of service. Besides, The TotalCare deal will ensure the stability of aftermarket service for the DHL fleet for upcoming years at the lowest available expense.

The Trent 700 engine has the most thrust on both of DHL’s freighter aircraft, the A330-200F, and A330 P2F. Therefore, resulting in more payload as compared to other engine options. Moreover, the Trent 700, emitting less CO2 and being the most economical engine to run on the A330. Also, it is the most efficient choice with 99.9% dispatch reliability.

The Trent 700, emitting less CO2 and being the most economical engine to run on the A330. Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo/Airways

Comments from Rolls-Royce, DHL Express

Hannah March, Rolls-Royce, Vice President Customers, said, “We are delighted to be able to continue to support DHL following a successful collaboration on the RB211-535E4. This agreement is another great example of providing world-class services to DHL, enabled by the best engine for the A330 freighter, the Trent 700.”

Geoff Kehr, DHL, Senior Vice President – Global Fleet Management, said, “TotalCare gives us the opportunity to maintain our Trent 700 fleet to best-in-class reliability standards by leveraging the scale and reputed Rolls-Royce capability through TotalCare support. This frees time and resources so DHL may focus on other fleet maintenance optimization and operational aspects.”

Featured image: Alberto Cucini/Airways