“An aircraft maintenance facility can no longer be thought of as just providing a covered working space, but is part of a bigger picture. It must, in a competitive world, be part of an overall process aimed at an increased utilization of assets, including the aircraft, personnel, buildings, equipment and materials…”

— InsideMRO, February, 2016

What were once primarily large shelters in which a variety of different operations, maintenance, and support functions took place, have now become highly sophisticated, well-conceived and carefully designed spaces. FBOs, MROs and private corporate aviation operations are demanding more. There is a stronger push to re-think aircraft facilities construction with a much greater emphasis on operational efficiency and cost/risk controls.

Hangars and attached interior administrative offices, lounges, and/or special-function spaces, such as ground support/staging, aircraft painting/washing, or engine overhaul, have their own very specific facility and personnel needs. So not only is it important to plan for all current and anticipated (dynamic) work environments, prior to construction, it’s also critical to do so with an eye toward both short- and long-term capital and operating expenses.

These pressures are exacerbated by heavy regulatory requirements, the necessity for much shorter build schedules, and the need for more accurate estimating and schedule management to avoid delays and cost escalation.

If ever there was a case for a construction services partner that has dealt with every type of aviation facility challenge, overcome every sort of risk and complication, and has experience in building every size and type of aviation facility imaginable… this is it.

Butler ManufacturingTM has the requisite experience, know-how, and competence for any aviation facility need.

With an unequaled portfolio of complex aviation construction projects that span decades, Butler Manufacturing has seen and done more in aircraft facility construction than virtually anyone. ButlerÒ also has a client list made up of some of the biggest names in aviation, from Southwest Airlines and Hawker Beechcraft… to Goodyear (blimp) and the Air National Guard.

Butler Manufacturing’s design-build or design-assist approach, featuring engineered building systems, is a distinct advantage in condensing construction timeframes, compared to conventional construction practices. It also gives project owners greater design control and flexibility.

ButlerÒ proven structural systems provide optimum operating and maintenance-cost efficiencies, plus vast, clear-span bays are a well-documented proficiency.

In addition, the exclusive MR-24Ò roof system from Butler has 90% lower maintenance costs than conventional roofs and in-place performance of over 40 years without the need for replacement. With the SunLite StripÒ daylighting system also incorporated into the roof, electrical lighting costs can be reduced by as much as 50 to 70%.

Furthermore, if more space is needed in the future, Butler hangars can be designed to accept future expansion with minimal cost or disruption.

A single-source, turnkey solution

A significant strategic value and benefit of working with Butler Manufacturing is the company’s specialized, Heavy Structures engineering group, and expert aviation contractors, located across the U.S. Few, if any, architects or contractors can offer such a high-level of industry-dedicated resources.

Ultimately, however, the best demonstration of capabilities is evident in the projects Butler has already completed. A range of examples follow.

This 5-aircraft corporate hangar, built for Landmark Aviation in San Diego, CA, totals 120,000 ft2. The design-build, steel-erect facility incorporates clear spans ranging from 160 ft. to 230 ft., full floating hangar doors, and a Butler MR-24 “cool” roof system with accommodations for a photovoltaic system. It is a LEED Platinum Project. (Credits: Butler Builder ®.)
Butler BuilderÒ, Renier Corporation, and Butler Heavy Structures designed and supplied the structural framing system, walls, trusses, and roof system for this NetJets business jet maintenance base, featuring a 190-ft. wide clear-span space with 100-ft. hangar door opening. (Credits: Butler Builder ®.)
The California Science Center chose Butler Manufacturing and a Butler Builder to erect a display pavilion to house the retired NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor. With all of its many challenges, the project met a mandate to have the structure built in 18 months. (Credits: Butler Builder ®.)

“Butler Manufacturing provides the total package of quality and performance, which is critical for these types of unique structures,” summarized Mark Bartlett, Butler Corporate Accounts Manager. “There are very expensive aircraft within them that need to be protected, and the weathertight standing-seam MR-24 roof virtually eliminates leaks.”

He continued, “We’re also experts at coordinating the building structure with the hangar door. This can pose a significant challenge for companies not experienced in aviation construction. Additionally, we’re used to building within very condensed schedules, which is the norm in aviation, because once the FAA has approved a site and facility, the project is often already running behind.”

Given the combination of aviation planning, a design-build approach, systems construction, and our comprehensive breadth of aviation construction solutions, Butler Manufacturing is a well-qualified aviation construction services provider worthy of serious consideration. 

To learn more, contact a Butler Corporate Accounts Manager. If you would like to schedule a meeting, please complete this simple form.