MIAMI — PeoplExpress is in danger of losing its space at its home at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport after officials announced on November 12 that eviction proceedings have begun. The carrier has racked up $100,000 in unpaid fees, and the future of the PeoplExpress, which began flying on May 30, now seems turbulent.

The carrier temporarily suspended operations on September 26 after two aircraft on lease from Las Vegas-based Vision Airlines were unable to fly. One was damaged when it was hit by a truck, the second had engine issues.

Officials from PeoplExpress said the airline would restart flying on October 16. But on October 9, the carrier posted on its Facebook page that it would not make that date. CEO Jeff Erickson said the carrier signed a tentative agreement with an aircraft provider that will bring its fleet back up to three aircraft, including a spare, but could not offer a new start date.

Founded on February 13, 2012 by Michael Morisi, the carrier began flights from Newport News’ with flights to Boston, Newark, and Pittsburgh. Expanding their network and eventually announcing new destinations it seemed like a promising operation, so what happened?

When PEOPLExpress temporarily suspended operations on September 26, flying to eight destinations, they promised two new destinations, Charleston, West Virginia, and Orlando. No planes and no flying equate to unhappy passengers, no profit margin, and eventually lands you on a page in the history books of airlines past.

In their press release on October 9, the carrier stated: “In order to ensure that we always have enough planes and crews, we are obtaining approval to operate as an Indirect Aircraft Carrier (known as Part 380). This will allow us to obtain planes from a number of providers if necessary for service stability.”