MIAMI — Delta Air Lines has been upgrading all of its on-board products over the last year. From Delta Studio to new seat covers to upgraded snack basket offerings in first, Delta has made many, many changes to differentiate the flying experience based on what fare the customer buys and where they sit.

In March, Delta officially re-branded its extra leg room seats, formally known as Economy Comfort, to Comfort +. The re-brand was not as simple as a name change and new seat cover put on the seat; it came with additional perks–besides extra legroom–for those who sit in the seat. However, some will argue that the perks are to help lessen the pain when higher Medallions are not getting upgraded as often as in the past as the airline wants to sell more seats up front than upgrade. 

Some of the Perks that Come with Comfort + Include:

  • Customers can take advantage of Sky Priority Boarding instead of boarding in Zone 1
  • There is dedicated overhead bin space for Comfort + customers
  • Extra leg room
  • Free wine, spirits, and regional craft beers
  • Snacks on all flights with a premium snack basket being offered on flights over 900 miles
  • Complimentary access to everything on Delta Studio

For Passengers Seated in Comfort + on Transcon Flights between JFK and LAX or SFO, They Get All of the Perks Above as Well as:

  • Luvo sandwich wrap and frozen Greek yogurt bar
  • A complimentary pillow and blanket, and block out sights and sounds with an eye mask and earplugs

Diamond and Platinum Medallions can select these seats for free at the time of booking, but since the changes, Gold Medallions now have to wait until 72 hours out to select seats for free. Silver Medallions will continue to wait until the time of check-in to select these seats for free. For all others, it comes at a cost to sit here, unless you are lucky and have no seat assignment and there are no other seats available right before your flight is to depart.

These seats come at a price, and it varies from flight to flight; primarily, it based on flight time, distance, number of Comfort + seats, the market, and sometimes seat location (some seats have lots of space when compared to others). For example, the seats can be $39 between Atlanta and Daytona Beach, but on a longer flight and with the same equipment on a flight such as Atlanta to Houston, the seat can be yours for $25.

When compared to other extra leg room seats on other U.S. airlines, the amenities appear to be slightly better as other U.S. carriers don’t offer free alcoholic drinks in these extra leg room seats nor is there a special snack basket on long domestic flights. Plus, it is nice to be able to browse Delta Studio and not worry about having to pay a few dollars to watch that movie you have been hoping to catch.

Taking Comfort + For a Test Flight

I had the opportunity to try the new product on a recent flight to Detroit on-board a 757-300 for $49 extra. Since only middle seats in regular economy seats were open, it was also a good excuse to get the seat to guarantee a window seat.


This aircraft still had seat covers that said Economy Comfort with the old seat covers, but Delta has been putting on the new seat covers on plenty of MD88 and MD90 aircraft; these seat covers are just like the new First Class ones, but they say Comfort +. 

It was nice to board with Sky Priority, since I didn’t have elite status at the time. Once on-board, I stowed my luggage in the overhead compartments. For the most part, there was space in the overhead bins so the flight attendants did not really have to police the overhead bins over the Comfort + seats. I did notice a sign in the overhead bin that said this space was reserved for passengers in Economy Comfort seats; some MD88 aircraft are starting to get the new signs.

So far, it was just like an ordinary flight.

Once in the air, the flight attendants came through the cabin and offered the usual beverages, and we were offered complimentary alcoholic beverages, although it was not mentioned in the post-departire flight announcement which seems to be a hit or a mess.


The flight attendants also offered all passengers the snack basket which had bananas, Biscoff cookies, peanuts, pretzels, Gold Fish, and a few other options. It was nice to have a few options, and we were able to pick a few snacks which was also a plus (no pun intended). I opted to go with the Biscoffs; what’s a Delta flight without them?!


All too soon, we landed in Detroit, and that was the end to my Comfort + experience. It was like any ordinary flight if a passenger was seated in Economy Comfort before the changes, minus the complimentary alcoholic beverages and snack basket. Honestly the only minus was that the flight attendants did not come through with the snack basket again during the flight, but I do not think they are required to.

There are definitely some perks to seating in Comfort +, but it felt just like any other Delta economy experience which is hard to say that it is its own class.