LONDON – International Airlines Group (IAG) announces that Antonio Vazquez has retired as a director of the company and chairman of the Board. As previously announced, Javier Ferran from Spain has succeeded Vazquez as chairman.

IAG is an Anglo-Spanish international airline holding company with its registered office in Madrid, Spain, and its operational headquarters in London, England. After a merger agreement between British Airways (BA) and Iberia (IB), IAG was established in January 2011, as both carriers became 100% owned subsidiaries of IAG.

Since BA was the larger company, 55% of the shares in IAG were given to its shareholders.

IAG has increased its portfolio of operations and brands since its founding by acquiring other airlines such as BMI (BM) in 2011, Vueling (VY) in 2012, Aer Lingus (EI) in 2015 and Air Europa (UX) from 2015 to 2020. The LEVEL (IB) brand and Avios, the IAG rewards program, are both owned by the Company.

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Statement from IAG

Javier Ferran said, “Antonio was instrumental in the creation and development of IAG and has led the Board with integrity and rigour since the Group’s formation in January 2011.”

“He has made a huge contribution to IAG and, previously, in his role as president of Iberia. On behalf of the Board, I’d like to thank Antonio for his commitment and support and wish him well in the future.”

On his part, Antonio Vazquez said, “It’s been a great honour to lead IAG’s Board. I would like to thank my Board colleagues for their confidence and support, and the IAG management and staff for their great contribution every day as they build our Group.”

“I’m convinced that, under the leadership of Javier Ferran and Luis Gallego, IAG will continue developing sustainably, while adhering to corporate governance best practice.”

IAG’s new chairman, Javier Ferran. Photo: IAG

Featured image: Photo: Brandon Farris