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LONDON — The private search for the remains of the missing Boeing 777-200ER performing flight MH370 has now drawn to a conclusion, four years on from the aircraft’s disappearance.

US-based private firm Ocean Infinity had scoured the potential areas that the aircraft might have crashed at, coming up with no findings.

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The Malaysian Government has said that they will not be carrying out any more searches at this present time, which will bring no overall results into the cause of the crash.

MH370 disappeared from radar screens in March 2014, while performing a scheduled flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

The plane had 239 people on board.

The never-ending search for MH370

Malaysian Government searches finished last year, with private firm Ocean Infinity taking over proceedings before they concluded earlier this week.

In March 2015, there was some information released regarding the direction that the aircraft was heading.

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These reports listed that the plane had diverted south, thus initiating search focuses onto the Indian Ocean, having previously been The South China Sea.

During the search, some hope sparkled up when a large piece of debris was found on the island of Reunion, east of Madagascar.

January 2017 came along and having to find nothing for nearly two years.

The prospective Australian, Malaysian, and Chinese administrations announced that they would not be continuing the search effort.

A year later, after pressure from the families of those that lost their lives, the Malaysian Government signed a deal with Ocean Infinity, stating that if they found any parts that could be linked to finding out the cause of the crash, then they would be rewarded up to $70 million.

One last effort

Finally, this month after going through all of the search areas, they have concluded the search.

The firm claims that the poor weather conditions in the region played an important role in the decision to end the expedition.

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In terms of what the future holds for this investigation, Malaysia’s Transport Minister Anthony Loke has said that a full report will be published regarding the plane’s disappearance.

No date has been confirmed for when this publication will be released into the public domain, but for those affected, it may not provide closure.

However, Australia, Malaysia, and China have all come to consensus stating that if any future evidence emerges regarding the disappearance of the aircraft, then searches will continue with immediate effect.

Hope for one last search

This may not be the end, however. There are current political ongoings occurring within Malaysia, with Anwar Ibrahim, who is set to become the next Malaysian Prime Minister.

Ibrahim told The Australian that “further digging” needs to be done and that a final outcome must be established.

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So for now, it seems like this is the end but if Ibrahim does get into power in Malaysia, the search for MH370 might not be over.