MIAMI — Six months after Delta Air Lines de-hubbed Memphis, the airport has released new plans to modernize the B concourse and to consolidate operations.

The airport plans to consolidate airline operations along with food, beverage and retail concessions into the B Concourse. It also plans to make improvements by adding more moving walkways, widening corridors, increasing the number of boarding areas, raising the ceilings, and adding more natural lighting.


According to the airport’s website, shifting operations into one concourse will allow “passengers [to] benefit in a number of ways from the modernization at Memphis International Airport (MEM). Gates will no longer be spread out across three concourses – they will be consolidated into one. Travelers will have more access to concessionaires since these businesses will all be located in the B Concourse.

There will be more room to move through the widened corridors and larger boarding areas, more lighting from added windows and taller ceilings, and enhanced customer service via the addition of moving walkways. In addition, we will install new flight information displays that include up-to-date flight information for all airlines serving MEM.”

“We have begun the process of reinventing the Memphis Airport,” said Scott Brockman, MSCAA President and CEO. “Part of that reinvention involves consolidating operations so we can better serve our passengers, airlines, concessionaires and employees. More importantly, we’re going to modernize the B Concourse, giving our passengers more room to move, better lighting and more convenience.”


It is anticipated that the construction will total approximately $114 million in capital costs. The airport authority does not anticipate that this will require the issuance of any additional general airport revenue bond debt.


The project is expected to be completed in five to seven years.

Phase 1:

The ends of Concourses A and C will be removed to allow planes to taxi more efficiently and position the airport for future growth.

Phase 2 (2015-2020):

Concourse B will be widened to allow for more open pathways, moving sidewalks and natural lighting from taller windows and ceilings.


  • Bidding process for removal of south ends of A and C concourses – 2014
  • Apron reconstruction (west courtyard) – 2014
  • Apron reconstruction (inside “Y” area of B Concourse) – 2015
  • Removal of south end of A Concourse – 2014
  • Removal of south end of C Concourse – 2015
  • Relocation of airline flight operations to B Concourse 2016
  • Modernization of B Concourse, Phase 1 – 2017
  • Modernization of B Concourse, Phase 2 – 2018
  • Modernization of B Concourse, Phase 3 – 2019-2020