LONDON — While Embraer had its official E2 demo cabin launch earlier this week at Farnborough (something we missed thanks to the A330neo launch), we had a chance to get to know it a little better today. For the moment, we’ll stick to a photo tour with a few high level thoughts, though a bigger piece on the airplane will be coming later this week.

First, the staggered first class cabin was impressive. Granted it’s up to each carrier how to organize its cabin, and frequently what a manufacturer recommends isn’t what a carrier actually does, but it highlights a surprisingly premium configuration for what amounts to a regional jet. As the airplane continues to extend its range this could have increasing utility.

Second, the economy cabin doesn’t disappoint either. Taking a more honest bent, the carrier loads in a number of pitches, ranging from 36″ down to 29″. It is outfitted with slim-line seats, and a multitude of IFE options ranging for hard-wired in seat to iPad self-install. Windows are larger, some 30%, also a nice touch.

Again, we’ll have a bigger feature on it later this week, but we wanted to make sure our faithful readers saw the photos. Enjoy!

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