MIAMI – The Russian-made composite wing panel, which will be installed on the MC-21-300, has been delivered to its destination. The Irkutsk, Russia Aviation Plant, where the plane assembly will take place, is a branch of the Ikurt Corporation.

The composite wing panel is planned to be installed on the first MC-21-300 intended for its first delivery. Also, the center section of the MC-21 is also made of domestic composite material. This section has already been installed.

The wing panel, measuring 17.5 Meters long (57.4 feet) was delivered by road from Ulyanovsk. To prevent damage that may occur during transportation, the specialists at both Irkut and AeroComposite have developed equipment with a system of fasteners and sensors designed for the trajectory.

Irkut Corporation 73053 Irkut MC-21-300 Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

The MC-21-300 and Composite materials

The MC-21 is a single aisle airliner. The initial design was developed in 2006, slated for introduction in 2012. This date was delayed until 2016, when on June 8, of that year the first MC-21-300 was rolled out. The first flight of the twin engine jet was on May 28, 2017. First deliveries are expected for late in 2021, after several years of delays.

Composite materials such as the wing panel to be installed in the MC-21-300 are used in aircraft for their durability, design flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. Both Airbus and Boeing boast that their latest aircraft, the A350, and 787 are made up of almost half of composite materials. Composite materials offer better strength to weight ratio than metal.

Featured image: Irkut MC 21-300. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways