MIAMI — Business Class passengers on KLM flight KL735 from Amsterdam to Curaçao are served today with draught Heineken beer on tap, thanks to a new device developed by the airline and the brewing company.

According to KLM, the beer that is served from the draught trolley is delivered cold to the aircraft in kegs, which are enclosed in highly-insulated shells. These keep the beer at the right temperature, guaranteeing cold draught beer is on tap throughout a hot flight.

A select group of cabin personnel has received special training to pour perfect beer at altitude, which in no way differs from the draught beer passengers are used to on the ground.

“The draught trolley is the result of a unique collaboration between KLM and Heineken, which focuses on the customer. It’s wonderful to see how these two leading Dutch brands have joined forces to develop a world first. This is the first time on-tap, draught beer has been served inflight,” Miriam Kartman, KLM Executive Vice President Inflight Services said in a statement.

“We are always looking for typical Dutch products to set us apart from other companies,” Kartman said.

KLM plans to introduce the crisp brew beginning next month. However, the service will be available for Business Class passengers only.