New TIACAS Directos Glyn Hughes.

MIAMI – Just two months after Glyn Hughes decided to step down as IATA Cargo Chief, the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has revealed his appointment as Director-General. This position represents a newly created role at the organization.

“Honored,” this is how Hughes described the feeling of working with an “engaged” Board of Directors and team members to implement TIACA’s new vision and mission. On its part, the organization welcomed the new director as a “strong proponent of innovation and sustainability of air cargo.”

The Chair of TIACA’s Board of Directors Steven Polmans said that Hughes was “a charismatic and a highly respected leader.” He added that the organization was seeking a passionate and committed leader and Hughes was what they needed.

The former IATA Cargo Chief will start his new role in February to bring industry stakeholders together to “take the TIACA to the next level.” As the first task, Hughes has already mentioned the challenge of the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Although the COVID-19 crisis has brought a spotlight on air cargo working hard to deliver essential medicine and supplies fast and safely, despite the global lockdown, the global pandemic has also highlighted the urgent need for air cargo to accelerate its digital and sustainable transformation, to develop collaborative business models and speak with a united voice to come out of this unprecedented crisis more resilient.,” commented Hughes regarding the appointment. Photo: Atlas Logistic Network.

Career at IATA Cargo

Before being the Chief of IATA Cargo in 2014, Hughes developed a career of 23 years in the organization. He worked in the Cargo Accounts Settlement Services and the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group steering committee.

In September 2020, Hughes announced that he would apply for voluntary redundancy. The move will be effective in January 2021. His reasons to walk away were related to some restructuring changes that the organization was facing due to the pandemic.

Hughes explained that part of the IATA’s restructuring program is to offer a voluntary redundancy and an early retirement. Thus, Gordon Wright, Head of Cargo Border Management also applied for the same treatment. The former Cargo Chief also said that the restructuring would reduce few work positions and cease only some programs.

Regarding the major impact of the COVID-19 on the industry, Hughes described it as a “devastating” financial situation. For the future, he expects that the impact of IATA’s halted projects on cargo activity is not “too great.”

Featured photo: New TIACAS’ Directos Glyn Hughes. Photo: TIACAS.