PHOTO: Embraer Media.

MIAMI — Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer, announced the delivery of its first E190-E2 in April 2018. Widerøe, the largest regional carrier operating in the Nordic countries, is the launch customer to receive the newest, upgraded version of the prosperous E-Jet family of aircraft.


John Slattery, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, admitted that “the first half of 2018 has been our target” since the program was launched.

Slattery said that this “was only possible thanks to the excellence of our engineering process due to our unique experience in certifying 12 new aircraft in the last 17 years.”

The Embraer E2 program has been one of the most efficient, and on-time in commercial aviation history. Slattery confirmed that not only have they been ahead of schedule, but also the aircraft is performing better than expected. “We will deliver to the market a mature and robust aircraft,” he said.

The Norweigan-based airline signed a contract with Embraer for up to 15 E2 jets expressed by three firm orders for the E190-E2, which is the first member of the second generation of the E-Jets family, and the purchase rights for 12 additional E2 aircraft.

Back in February, Widerøe was confirmed as the launch customer for the E190-E2. “We are very proud we will be the first airline in the world to operate the E190-E2,” said Stein Nilsen, CEO of Widerøe. “Knowing the hard work Embraer is doing in the certification campaign, especially in terms of maturity, we have every confidence in a smooth entry into service.”

Widerøe’s order has a price value of up to $873 million. The airline is setting the Embraer E190-E2s in an attractive single-class design with a total of 114 seats.

Nilsen said that Widerøe is working very closely with Embraer to guarantee a very smooth entry into service. “We are eager for the coming months when will intensify the familiarization with the aircraft, with immersion training for the technical teams, ground handling, flight operations and cabin attendants,” he said.


The Brazilian manufacturer has logged more than 1,800 orders and nearly 1,400 deliveries with the E-Jets program by itself. Its E-Jet product has proved to be a profitable venture and has become a dominant product in the regional aircraft market.

The larger variant of the E2 series, the E195-E2, will be delivered to launch customer, Azul. Currently, the Viracopos-based carrier is the world’s largest E195 operator and has 50 new aircraft ordered, with 30 firm and 20 purchase rights.