MIAMI – Embraer, a world leader in commercial, military, and executive aircraft manufacturing, presented a new turboprop aircraft for the first time. Entry into service is scheduled for 2027.

Embraer Turboprop Specs

Embraer’s goal, with this new turboprop, is to try to counter sales of the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 than those of the ATR 72. Since the first leaks, the plane has 21 windows, so the maximum capacity is thought to be 70 passengers.

In addition, the wing shape is very linear and well thought out, with two turboprop engines fitted. One thing not to be overlooked, given the announcement by Airbus for the construction of new hydrogen aircraft, what will be the type of power supply of the aircraft.

According to, an Embraer executive said that he estimates the US and Europe markets will return to normal levels starting in 2022, with markets, and 2023 for smaller markets like Latin America. Therefore, the company intends to launch the new turboprop in the following years, making it operate commercially in 2027.

For this reason, the company is said to be looking for partnerships that go beyond suppliers; something in the joint-venture style, for joint development of the new airplane.

Embraer Brasilia EMB120. Photo: John Wheatley by Wikicommons

The First Turboprop Made by Embraer

Embraer launched its first turboprop in 1983, called Embraer Brasilia EMB120. The aircraft entered service in October 1985. It can be said that it made the fortunes for the Brazilian company, which totaled 346 orders in the space of a few years.

20 meters long with a wingspan of 19.78m, the EMB120 was capable of carrying 30 passengers. The type had two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW118/118A/118B engines, with equal power of 1800 shp. At the time, the aircraft was advanced because its engines were equipped with Hamilton Standard 14RF-9 blades.

Additionally, the EMB120 was an advanced aircraft because its propeller blades had already a variable pitch.

Embraer E190E2 in-flight. Photo: Embraer

Failure to Agree With Boeing

In December 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported that Boeing was in talks with Embraer to acquire the Brazilian company. This was due to Airbus and Bombardier signing an agreement for Airbus to build the CS100/300. The agreement stipulated that 80% of the shares would belong to Boeing.

This deal could have relaunched the Sao Paulo-based company, but well after three years of negotiations, Boeing announced the cancelation of the joint venture in April 2020, because, according to Embraer, the conditions were not favorable.

The initial MTA termination date was set for April 24, 2020, if necessary conditions were not met. As a result, Boeing decided to terminate the agreement because, according to the US-based company, Embraer did not satisfy said conditions.

Alas, due to the global pandemic and thanks to the huge losses resulting from the 737 MAX crisis, the voice in the matter is closed. The whole ordeal almost led Embraer to a possible sacking of 900 workers.

Both companies, however, said they would maintain their current Master Teaming Agreement from 2012- 2016 to jointly market and support the C-390 Millennium military aircraft.

The Brazilian air-framer was the country’s largest exporter between 1999 and 2001 and has occupied one of the top three positions in Brazil.

Featured image: Embraer