MIAMI – Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) announced that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has authorized AEI’s Special Type Certificate (ST02690LA) for the 12-pallet role Boeing 737-800SF freighter conversion.

In a press release, AEI calls the milestone very significant because AEI’s Boeing 737-800SF is an excellent freighter for the European market. Besides, AEI’s Boeing 737-800SF conversion has also piqued the attention of many European customers. The FAA, CAAC, and now EASA have all approved AEI’s Boeing 737-800SF.

Photo: AEI

The Aircraft

The AEI modified Boeing 737-800SF freighter has a main deck cargo capacity of up to 52,700 lbs. (23,904 kg) and eleven full-height 88” x 125” container spaces, as well as an alternate place for an AEP/AEH. Also, the modification includes new floor braces aft of the wing box, an 86″ x 137″ Main Cargo Door, and a single ventilation door system.

AEI’s Boeing 737-800SF. Image: AEI

The innovative construction of AEI requires crates to be loaded onto the aircraft’s cargo door just 16.5” aft of the forward door jamb. Therefore, ground operators have enough steering space to avoid possible damage to cargo doors or aircraft.

Moreover, The AEI Boeing 737-800SF features a compact Ancra Cargo Loading System. In addition, a rigid 9g fence, five supernumerary seats as default, a galley, and a complete lavatory.

AEI has received 40 additional orders for the Boeing 737-800SF in the last six months. The group currently has 14 parallel freighter transformation production facilities. In that, the AEI devoted 9 of its production lines to the Boeing 737-800SF and is on schedule to produce 24 freighters in 2021. The firm will ramp up its rate to more than 30 in 2022.

Featured image: AEI Facilities. Photo: AEI