MIAMI β€” The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified the Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100 to operate into airports as narrow as 98 feet (30 m.) wide.

The approval was prompted upon request of Irish regional carrier CityJet, which became the second Western operator and the first airline in Europe to take delivery of the SSJ100 in June 2016.

β€œIn ongoing work, we are developing the product and enhancing its operation capabilities. We are receptive for the feedback from our customers, and not only do we deliver the aircraft within the shortest term in the market, but we also perform additional activities regarding their customization,” said Ilya Tarasenko, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft president.

As part of these efforts, Sukhoi is also working to obtain the steep-approach certification into London City airport by the end of 2017, which contemplates the assurance of aircraft performance at short runways and the observance of noise limitations during takeoff and landing.

The certification implies the installation of a special performance package to the SSJ100, which includes structural and aerodynamic improvements, an upgrade to the wing flaps and flight management system and avionics, together with the installation of winglets.

CityJet will become the launch customer for this special performance package, which also includes the installation of winglets. The package will also be available as a retrofit for existing customers.