MIAMI – Leasing company China Aircraft Leasing (CALC) announced it is slashing a total of 26 Boeing 737 MAX from an order placed with the American aircraft company. The move updates the order placed in November 2019.

As reported by web portal MarketScreener on March 25 quoting a release from the company’s board, CALC “entered into the Agreement with Boeing (a) to adjust its order from 92 to 66 Aircraft, and (b) to reschedule the delivery of certain aircraft.”

Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

Adjustment in Line With Demand, Company’s Interests

CALC board justified the new arrangement with both the current pandemic situation, as well as its own interests.

“The new arrangement is more in line with the Company’s interests, and the demand of aviation market,” the board release stated. It also added that the new agreement “reflects its long-term partnership with the aircraft manufacturers.”

CALC’s announcement was made public after Hong Kong stock market closed its trading for the day.

Featured Image: Nick Sheeder/Airways