MIAMI — The modified PW1550G powerplants for Bombardier’s CSeries Flight Test Vehicles (FTVs) have successfully completed the tests required for a return to flight. The first set of engines have been reinstalled, and after engine runs and other pre-requisite steps, CSeries flight testing is set to resume sometime this month with flight test vehicle FTV2.

The CSeries flight test program has been grounded since May 29 due to a sudden loss of power and uncontained failure of one of the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G engines. Both the engine manufacturer and Bombardier have finalized a solution to the problem, identified as a defect in the powerplant’s oil lubrication system.

Despite the lengthy flight testing pause, Bombardier remains confident that the CSeries entry-into-service (EIS) will occur in the second half of 2015. This is in part due to other program work that was accelerated during the hiatus, such as additional ground tests, configuration and software upgrades, and telemetry and system analysis for data collected thus far. All of these activities were included in the initial schedule for CSeries testing, but were moved ahead of the flight test program due to the grounding.

While no firm date has been announced yet for its return to the flight test campaign, our sources indicate that FTV2 could fly as soon as this Sunday, September 6, 2014.