LONDON – LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOTAMS) is the first base to conduct a C-Check on a Boeing 737 MAX after its return to operation.

The Polish maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) base has specialized in the upkeeping of Boeing 737s for more than 30 years. Many complex maintenance operations such as C and D inspections or re-delivery checks, in addition to painting and upgrades, including retrofits, have been carried out during the base’s 30 years of service.

LOT’s Boeing 737MAX 8 Photo: Nick Sheeder/Airways

Statement from Member of the Management Board for Technical Affairs

Łukasz Siwiński, the Member of the Management Board for Technical Affairs in LOTAMS said, “I am very happy that the B737-8 MAX is back in the game on the global airline market. In January 2021, EASA issued a decision to return the MAXs to service. For the last two years, the service of MAXs has been limited to performing active storage checks by our staff in Lublin, removing deferred faults (ADD) and making time-consuming modifications.”

“In recent months, we have made many additional modifications and Service Bulletins ordered by the manufacturer, including the MCAS system and finally RTS (Return to service) check. After ferrying the planes to Warsaw, we started the base maintenance checks. I am very proud that LOTAMS is at the forefront of MRO, performing the first C-Checks on the 737-8 MAX.”

LOT’s Boeing 737MAX 8 Photo: Milan Witham/Airways

Statement from Member of the Management Board for the LOT Polish Airlines

Maciej Wilk, the Member of the Management Board for the LOT Polish Airlines said, “Even though we were able to carry out heavy maintenance in two years using the deviation provided by the manufacturer and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, we decided to commission them before resuming the operation.

“Our partner in this task was LOTAMS, which performed all maintenance activities, which took approximately 2,200 man-hours in accordance with the adopted schedule, within 14 days. Thanks to this, it was possible to return to servicing the network of connections on March 24. I am very glad that we could use the vast experience of LOTAMS mechanics to implement the Boeing 737-8 MAX in the airline service.”

Featured image: LOT’s Boeing 737MAX 8. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways