MIAMI – The United States Federal Aviation Administration is set to require wire failure inspections on Boeing 737 Classic aircraft, according to Reuters.

The inspection orders, in the form of an airworthiness directive, mandate that the connection of a flap synchro wire to a safety sensor is secure. The flap synchro wire itself is a part of the auto-throttle system of the Boeing 737 Classic aircraft.

A TAROM Boeing 737-38J, a Boeing 737 Classic series aircraft, registered as YR-BGE. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

No Stone Left Unturned

The airworthiness directive, which does not affect the newer Boeing 737 NG or 737 MAX aircraft, comes months after a Boeing 737 Classic, a Boeing 737-500 specifically, operating as Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 crashed upon departing Jakarta.

However, the FAA has stated that the connection between the flap synchro wire and the safety sensor did not, based on current evidence, play a role in the crash of flight 182.

The Boeing 737 Classic aircraft, while not as prevalent as the newer MAX and NG models, still play a crucial role in transporting both passengers and cargo around the world with operators ranging from TAROM Airways (RO) in Romania to iAero Airways (WQ) in the United States.

Featured image: iAero Airways Boeing 737-401, a 737 Classic series aircraft, registered as N804TJ Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways