MIAMI – China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) issued a safety bulletin for all Chinese carriers using Boeing 737-300/400/500 after the inspection of two Boeing 737 Classic.

ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400 on final at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marcello Montagna – @spotter_napoli

Cracks Affecting the Landing Gear

After CAAC’s Inspections, the safety authority discovered cracks between the fastener holes of the main landing gear’s upper rear beam. The two aircraft, in the moment of the inspection, achieved  4,600 and 2,900 flight cycles respectively, when the cracks were found.

Due to their low cycle periods, CAAC stated that this damage might take place after the 15,000 cycles rather than before.

Photo: Alan Lebeda

Possible Fuel Leakage

The possible cracks lead the CAAC to advise airlines to inspect regarding possible fuel leakage linked to this problem during their line maintenances.

This problem might be linked to possible fatigue stress exerted by the down-lock strut over the main fuselage and its near position to the fuel tanks of the aircraft which during landings bumps might create possible glitches to the fuel tanks sys of B737.

737 NG Plain View Sys.

Featured image: Boeing 737-400, China Xinhua Airlines, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 2008. Photo: Wiki Commons