MIAMI – Boeing’s downtrend continued in September. The company delivered a total of 11 aircraft and recorded three 737 MAX canceled orders. It also obtained no commercial aircraft orders during the month.

According to ti its September report, the US manufacturer dropped the number of aircraft deliveries by more than a half, compared to the same period last year. The September update also reflects losses due to not only the 737 MAX but also the 787 Dreamliner and its quality flaws.

Boeing is trying to win regulatory approval to fly the 737 MAX again in the US. In the meantime, efforts to make the 787 Dreamliner an alternative cash source have yet to yield any consistent results.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft was grounded in 2019 after two fatal accidents. Photo: Boeing

Detailed Deliveries

In September, Boeing handed one P-8 maritime patrol and seven 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The latter were allocated as follows: one for aircraft leasing company AerCap, three for United Airlines (UA), two for Turkish Airlines (TK), and one for Taiwan’s EVA Air (BR).

On the cargo side, Boeing delivered three freighters: one 747, a 767, and a 777. The customers for these are UPS, FedEx, and Lufthansa (LH) Cargo, respectively.

In total, Boeing went down from 301 total delivered aircraft recorded in September 2019, to 98 for the duration of the nine months of 2020. Adding insult to injury, the WTO approved EU tariffs on US products coming in from the US, including Boeing aircraft, which could increase the price of the airframer’s planes by up to 15% in Europe.

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777F. Photo: tjdarmstadt.

September Numbers for the Boeing 737 MAX

BOC Aviation and an unidentified customer canceled two and one 737 MAX orders, respectively. This totals the cancelations or removals of the MAX at 1,006.

In a more hopeful view of the 737 MAX, Boeing expects the return of the aircraft for early next month or at least before 2020 ends. In September, Boeing stripped 51 737 Max of its backlog.

Featured photo: Boeing 787 aircraft. Photo: Boeing.