MIAMI – After months of turmoil and issues related to its development, the Boeing 737 MAX is set to receive approval for its return to service from US aviation authorities.

All this takes place amid a troubled period for the aviation sector with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a large part of the world fleets to land.

Reuters first reported on November 9 that the FAA was in the final stages of reviewing the proposed 737 MAX changes. Now, the type is to finalize its grounding order as early as Wednesday.

Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Boeing

“As Safe as Any Airplane”

FAA Deputy Administrator Dan Elwell, who made the US decision to ground the plane, told Reuters he had absolutely no doubt in his mind that the MAX “will be as safe as, or safer than, any airplane in service today.”

In December, Boeing’s board forced out its CEO Dennis Muilenburg after he received a rebuke from FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. At the time. the FAA said Boeing was pursuing an unrealistic schedule for aircraft’s return to service.

Ina related matter, the European Union recently imposed tariffs of up to US$4bn for annual US imports, including those of Boeing jets.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Boeing.