Brandon Farris.

LONDON — Boeing has released their first quarter deliveries for 2018 for its commercial and military operations.

The biggest number accounting for the 184 commercial aircraft delivered goes to the 737 program, which delivered 132 out of the 184 aircraft in the first quarter,  over 70% of total deliveries for the quarter.

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The 787 came second in this report, accounting for 34 aircraft delivered, as well as 12 777’s, four 767’s and two 747’s that were also delivered in the first quarter.

In addition, 25 military aircraft were delivered in the first quarter. Six AH-64 Apache’s, 4 new CH-47 Chinook’s, 4 renewed CH-47 Chinook’s, two F-15’s, 5 F/A-18’s and 4 P-8 models were delivered, offering a lower number compared to that of the commercial operation.

Highlights of interest in the first quarter on the commercial side were the 10,000th Boeing 737 delivered to carrier Southwest Airlines, which was a 737MAX aircraft. That achievement broke the Guinness World Record.

Furthermore, the 500th Boeing 737 for Ryanair was delivered in Dublin, marking another foundation in the relationship between another carrier and the manufacturer.

Another highlight was the delivery of the first Boeing 787-10, which was delivered to Singapore Airlines. The aircraft took flight from Charleston and flew to Singapore via Osaka for a fuel stop.

On top of this, the fuselage sections for the Boeing 777X are beginning to come together, which started with the wings of the aircraft.

The Boeing 737 MAX 7 also commenced its first flight, which finalizes the completion of the overall 737MAX family when it is certified over the next 12-18 months.

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The 737MAX9 was also awarded FAA certification back in February, with the Lion Air Group being the launch customer of the type.

The biggest orders of interest for the manufacturer feature the following orders in the quarter:

  • Lion Air’s Order for 50 Boeing 737 MAX10s.
  • American Airlines’ Order for 47 787 Dreamliners.
  • Jet Airways’ order for 75 Boeing 737MAX aircraft.
  • Turkish Airlines’ order for 30 787-9 Dreamliners.
  • Hawaiian Airlines’ order for 10 787-9 Dreamliners.
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Overall, Boeing still remains to be strong in the first quarter. They have managed to secure orders and also take them away from Airbus as well as deliver a significant number of aircraft every month while attending to the backlog the best they can.

Going into the second quarter, they will want to capitalize on this strong start of the year and potentially secure more orders and deliver more aircraft through increased production rates.