MIAMI —As Boeing continues to increase the production rate of the 737 program, eventually to 52 aircraft a month, the manufacturer needed to upgrade and expand its Seattle delivery center to accommodate the increase of demand for deliveries of the world’s most popular single-aisle aircraft which it did making the new delivery center a first class facility for its customers and employees.

Similar to the new Everett delivery center, the Seattle delivery center upgrade looks amazing following the 15 month project to upgrade the delivery center. The Seattle delivery center has three delivery positions with jetways for simultaneous deliveries to take place.

The event was attended by local county government officials and Boeing personnel for the christening of the new delivery center including Senior Vice President and General Manager Pat Shanahan, King County executive Dow Constantine, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Vice President of Field Operations and delivery for Boeing’s 737 program Erik Nelson.

The new expanded facility gives 90,000 feet of space for Boeing, its customers and Boeing support organizations to prep aircraft and work in. At the center of the building is the main showcase room where the ribbon cutting ceremony was taking place with great views of the flight line and view for its customers to see their planes sitting at the gate ready to fly home and enter service.

On this day a United 737-900ER was in the south most gate getting prepared for its delivery flight to SeaTac Airport where the carrier prepares its 737’s and 787’s for service when they are delivered from Boeing and Paine Field. Having an aircraft at one of the gates really gave you an idea of what it would look like as 737’s get parked and have the covered jetway attached while getting its final prep word done for its delivery flight. United became the first airline to take delivery of an aircraft following the ribbon cutting re-opening ceremony.

The building, which is a reflection of Boeing, is equipped with everything you’d see at every local airport, from TSA like security checkpoint with classic metal detectors instead of body scanners to everyday offices for some 737 delivery executives that looks over the gates and flight line along with meeting rooms for the airlines to go over documentation and other things they need to prior to flying away and finally a delivery and departure lounge at the gates with leather couches for Boeing’s customers to relax in and enjoy the view before they depart home with their new aircraft.


As Boeing increases its 737 rate production from 42 per month in 2015, to 47 per month in 2017 and finally 52 per month in 2018 in the last publically announced planned rate increase the new delivery center, similar to the new one in Everett, will be welcome with open arms from Boeings current customers as they take delivery of the all new 737MAX and as other future variants of the 737, even possibly the replacement come into existence to be delivered and Boeing continues to receive more orders and new  customers for the world’s most popular narrow body aircraft.