SEATTLE — Boeing completed the next milestone for the 777X program with the opening today of the Composite Wing Center (CWC) in Everett, Washington.

Located on the north side of the Everett Boeing plant, just behind the 777 final assembly line, the new CWC will manufacture the world’s largest composite wings for the Boeing 777X, the company’s newest commercial jetliner.

Ground broke at this site in October 2014, and just a year and a half later, the majority of the building has been completed and parts are being installed in preparations for the first aircraft.

One of those parts, and the highlight of the tour, was the giant autoclave that will be used to bake parts together to produce the wings.

A view of the autoclave where the composite wings will take shape. (Credits: Author)
A view of the autoclave where the composite wings will take shape. (Credits: Author)

Boeing has also installed two Automated Fiber Placement robotic machines, that we got to see while the team was testing the device, getting it ready for production. In total, Boeing has invested more than $1 billion on this site.

boeing-777x-cwc (5)
Automated Fiber Placement in testing phase. (Credits: Author)

“Today’s event is bigger than celebrating the opening of a magnificent new building,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner. “It’s about our employees, and shared success with our partners around the region and in Olympia in keeping the Puget Sound at the forefront of aerospace leadership for decades to come.”

The Boeing 777X is an advancement of the ever so popular 777 with the 777-8X being designed to compete directly with the A350-1000 while the 777-9X is targeted at serving a market no other airplane can. First flight and delivery is still on schedule to be completed within the next four years.