MIAMI — Boeing and Brazil’s Embraer have unveiled the next phase of the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program, in order to assess new technologies intended to improve the efficiency of flight operations, besides reducing environmental footprints.

This time, Embraer and Boeing will use an Embraer E170 as the flying testbed, which will carry out a flying test program in Brazil during August and September.

“Collaborating with Boeing on the ecoDemonstrator program in the structuring and implementation of new technologies tests reinforces, once again, Embraer’s commitment towards a sustainable future,” said Mauro Kern, Executive Vice President of Operations at Embraer. “At the same time, as we integrate and test different technologies in a single aircraft, we contribute to consolidate in Brazil a powerful tool to support technological development and innovation – the technology demonstrator platform.”

The new ecoDemonstrator aircraft will test a novel technology named LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), which uses lasers to measure air data parameters such as true airspeed, angle of attack and outside air temperature, thus improving air data reliability, by complementing current sensors.

Also, the program continues the test of bug- and ice-phobic coatings, devised to reduce the accumulation of ice and other residues. According to Boeing, the special paint can help operators save water by reducing the need for frequent aircraft washing.

Also, the test campaign will include the use of a Brazilian-produced biofuel blend, made up of 10 percent bio-kerosene.

“As industry leaders, we have a unique opportunity to invest in technologies that encourage our industry’s long-term, sustainable development, while supporting our customers’ environmental goals,” said Boeing Chief Technology Officer John Tracy.

To date, the ecoDemonstrator program has tested more than 50 technologies, using a Boeing 737-800 (2012), a 787-8 Dreamliner (2014) and a 757-200 (2015) as flying testbeds. This is the first time that an Embraer airliner joins the program.