MIAMI – The Boeing Company has announced this week its quarterly deliveries of commercial aircraft, boosted by its 737 MAX model.

The second quarter saw 50 deliveries of the 737 model as the MAX backlog improves following its well-documented delays.

While Boeing also delivered 12 Boeing 787s in the quarter, the company said in a news release that it is in discussions with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding verification technology for fuselages and is conducting associated inspections and rework — temporarily slowing down the Dreamliner’s deliveries.

“In connection with these efforts, the company has identified additional rework that will be required on undelivered 787s,” Boeing said in the release.

The company added, “Based on our assessment of the time required to complete this work, Boeing is reprioritizing production resources for a few weeks to support the inspection and rework. As that work is performed, the 787 production rate will temporarily be lower than five per month and will gradually return to that rate. Boeing now expects to deliver fewer than half of the 787s currently in inventory this year.”

Boeing 737 MAX 10 at Renton readying for first take-off. Photo Brandon Farris/Airways

Q2 Deliveries

Boeing reported the following deliveries in the second quarter, close to the number Airbus posted last week.

Aircraft model2nd quarter 2021Year to date 2021

Featured image: Boeing 737MAX 7. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways