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Boeing 777-9X Revealed To Employees (+Photos)

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Boeing 777-9X Revealed To Employees (+Photos)

Boeing 777-9X Revealed To Employees (+Photos)
March 13
09:15 2019

LONDON – Boeing has unveiled the 777-9X to its employees this week, giving them a chance to look at the new aircraft.

It was supposed to be publicly unveiled today but was postponed due to the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the Boeing 737MAX8 that has subsequently caused its grounding across 35 countries globally.

Photos across social media are containing pictures of the full frame, the registration (N779XW), its engines and its folding wingtips.

The folding wingtips have been a main focus on the new aircraft, as it is being used to support the entirety of the widest variation of 777 we have seen so far built.

It is also interesting to see the engines of the 777X, the two General Electric GE9Xs in the flesh also, earmarking considerable size.

The Boeing 777X currently has eight customers, consisting of the following:

  • All Nippon Airways
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

This unveiling is of the -9X, which can seat 400-425 passengers in a two-class setup. Obviously, this is down to airline preference.

The -9X can fly further less than the -8X at 7,600 nautical miles with the -9X compared to 8,700 nautical miles with the -8X.

The -9X is seven metres longer than the -8X also at a whopping 77 metres.

Wingspan for both variants when extended will be at 72 feet.

Now the aircraft has been revealed and subsequently leaked by Boeing employees, it will be interesting to see how the manufacturer will market its reveal.

It could be through its first test flight, which we will see publicised anyway but the reveal event could potentially be different to what it is supposed to be.

Now we see the aircraft in its full frame, it will be definitely a sight to see in the air as testing will begin before its entry into service by May 2020.


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