MIAMI – ATR has reached a development milestone of the ATR42-600S-S, or Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL), whose design phase is now completed. As indicated by the ATR press release issued on May 13, the general architecture of the aircraft has now been “frozen” and performances confirmed.

“The STOL teams have been doing a tremendous job to make this possible…..Michelangelo Esposito, ATR STOL Programme Manager Click To Tweet

Sourcing tools and manufacturing of parts by suppliers and ATR partners may now commence and the aircraft’s actual industrialization begin. The newcomer in he ATR family of aircraft has now reached an important stage, the “Maturity Gate 7” (MG7) after its development schedule was re-adjusted to meet Covid-19 constraints.

ATR42-600 STOL -* Image : ATR Media

Comments from ATR STOL Program Manager

Michelangelo Esposito, ATR STOL Program Manager commented on this important milestone by saying, “The STOL teams have been doing a tremendous job to make this possible. They have adapted their ways of working to the COVID-19 challenging context, working collaboratively without being able to see each other or traveling to meet our suppliers. It takes an engaged and passionate workforce such as ATR’s to overcome these challenges”.

The new ATR42-600S has been developed for short runways, has an exceptionally low speed performance, is adapted for hot and high altitude operations. With this new adddition ATR will strenghten its position on the 30-50 seats aircraft market and remain the preferred choice of regional airlines.

Featured image: ATR 42-600STOL. Photo: ATR