MIAMI – ATR will be turning 40 on November 4. To celebrate its birthday, the Franco-Italian manufacturer has revealed a new “ad hoc” logo via a video teaser and the promise of more “exciting announcements” on the subject.

In a short press release accompanying the video teaser, ATR indicated its intention to celebrate “40 years of collaboration, innovation, excellence, and opportunity” that made a difference in the way people travel on regional routes.

ATR is the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72 aircraft being the best-selling types in its market segment.

Video from ATR Media

ATR Origins

ATR was created on November 4, 1981, when an agreement between France’s Aerospatiale, today’s Airbus, and Italy’s Aeritalia, now known as Leonardo, was signed and the ATR aircraft, in its 42 and 72 versions, began its worldwide career. The first model of the type, the ATR 42-200 flew for the first time from the Airbus facility in Toulouse (TLS) in 1984 and gained both French and Italian certifications during the same year.

It was followed by the first production aircraft, the ATR42-300 in 1985, delivered to now-defunct France’s Air Littoral (FU) in 1985 and the decision, taken at the beginning of 1986, to launch a larger version the ATR72. The ATR two figures designator also indicates the aircraft capacity, 42 passengers for the first type and 72 for the second.

The ATR turboprop burns less fuel, emits less CO² when compared to a regional jet of similar size, can access airports with short runways, giving the opportunity to create new routes while contributing to sustainable aviation.

ATR, which has a turnover of US$1.6bn, has delivered 1,500 aircraft, all types mixed, serves over 1,300 airports, is in use with 200 airlines distributed in 100 countries, and has allowed the creation of 2095 new routes.

Photo: ATR Media

Featured image: ATR72-600 F-WWEV in House Colors. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways. Article source: ATR Press Release