MIAMI – New Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Desaer seeks help from Portugal to deliver the first ATL 100 turboprop to its customers within six years.  

The aircraft would enter the light category of twin turboprops competing against aircraft such as the Viking DHC-6 twin otter, Let L-410 and the Dornier 228, and the new Cessna sky courier. All these aircraft can typically seat 19-20 passengers.

Established in 2017 in the Brazilian city of São José dos Campos, the company seeks to develop and produce a regional commuter turboprop. Desaer’s founder is an Ex- Embraer employee.

The Aircraft

The High-wing, fixed tricycle gear ATL 100 will be powered by two 1000SHP class engines and is expected to have a range of 1600 kilometers with a cruise speed of 430 Kmph (267 mph). MTOW of about 8,600 kgs (8.6 tonnes) and the ability to take off and land on unpaved runways although there’s nothing yet stated if it features STOL.

There will be three variants:

  • Passenger version which will seat 19 passengers
  • Cargo Version which will have space for three LD3 containers
  • Military version capable of carrying a 12 parachutists

Desaer states that the passenger version can be converted into Cargo and vice versa in two hrs. The aircraft will also have low operational costs and will be able to be used for emergencies as an air ambulance, the company says.

Image: Desaer

Development and Production

The Brazilian manufacturer is now working with an interested party in Portugal (research institute Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto Ceiia) to ramp up development and production. 2023 is the proposed year for the launch of the prototype while the first aircraft is expected to be out of the factory in early 2026 latest.

The company along with its Portuguese partner already has at least 12 aircraft orders with buyers from Brazil and Uruguay. The launch customer, AGS Logística signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to purchase two ATL 100 with an eye for three more.

Featured image: the ATL 100. Image: Desaer