Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

LONDON – There is an independent MRO, one of the few in Europe, whose workforce provides a high level of maintenance in the region. The company in question is Naples-based Atitech.

Atitech is one of the biggest repair stations in Europe, providing heavy maintenance services. It was part of Alitalia (AZ) until the end of 2009 when the privatization process of the company took place.

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

Aero Trasporti Italiani

Aero Trasporti Italiani (ATI) was an Italian airline that began operations on December 16 1963 as a subsidiary of AZ. Alitalia owned 90% and IRI 10% of the company; their aim was to intensify connections with southern Italy.

The headquarters and main hub of the ATI was at Naples-Capodichino airport (NAP). The first president of the company was General Giovanni Buonamico and the general manager was the commander M. Mainetti.

From June 1964, ATI took over the domestic routes hitherto managed by another AZ subsidiary, SAM – Mediterranean Air Company (MQ). ATI used a fleet of three Fokker F27 Friendship 200.

On June 15, 1966, a domestic flight service became operational in Libya, The route stemmed from an agreement with the Kingdom of Libya Airlines (5H). ATI based two Fokker F27 in Tripoli, which also operated connections with Malta.

On March 20, 1981, ATI (45%) and AZ (55%) formed Aermediterranea company (BQ) from the remains of private airline Itavia (IH). The airline merged entirely into ATI in March 1985. AZ integrated ATI on October 30, 1994.

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

Atitech Service History

From 1964 to 1990, Atitech was the technical division of ATI, which now operated domestic flights within Italy. When AZ merged ATI, it spun off the technical division to establish the new company. Its mission was to provide base maintenance services, up to “D” check, for AZ’s MD80 fleet, in the 90s

In March 2003, Atitech completed of the construction of the new hangar. As a result, the hangar consolidated the complete maintenance of the aircraft, including interventions on the engine.

On May 1, 2009, NewCo Manutenzioni Aeronautiche S.r.l. presented a non-binding expression of interest to purchase 75% of Atitech. Finmeccanica (10%) and Alitalia – CAI (15%) divided the remaining 25%.

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The offer was €25m. The plan also provided for 300 jobs and the Extraordinary Wages Guarantee Fund for the remaining 350.

On November 19, 2009, and NewCo Manutenzioni Aeronautiche S.r.l. acquired 75% of the share capital of Atitech.

From June 1, 2015, Atitech Manufacturing (Manutenzioni Aeronautiche S.r.l.) took over the business unit of Alenia/Finmeccanica di Capodichino Nord. The company focused on the construction and implementation of special modifications and the maintenance of “regional” aircraft (ATR 42/72).

Following this acquisition, Atitech added three hangars, It also moved the construction of the Alenia C27J program to the Finmeccanica plants in Turin.

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

Atitech Recent Activity

Due to the pluriennal experience Atitech is today one of the greatest MRO in Europe on Airbus A330, A320 CEO and NEO, ATR42 and ATR72, Boeing 737 classic and next generation, Boeing 767, Embraer ERJ175 and ERJ190 and McDonnell Douglas MD80 and military aircrafts such as P-72A, P42A/B and VC-319A.

Nowadays, Atitech has a contract on an exclusive basis up to 2020, with AZ, to perform the base maintenance for the entire narrow-body fleet of A319, A320, A321. Atitech has also added wide-body capabilities starting the last quarter of 2012.

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

Atitech Services

The Company provides heavy maintenance services to the most diffused type of aircrafts and is now expanding its range of services and locations. The offered services are: Airframe & Avionic Mod’s, Structural Repairs, Cabin Interiors Refurbishment,

Lay-Out Modifications, Aircraft Bridging Programs, DOA PART21J, Engineering, Aircraft Painting, PART147 Training, Components Support, Integrated Logistic Support and Heavy checks.

Cabin services are VIP Cabin Refurbishment, Cabin configuration change / LOPA , Galley, Closet or Lavatory Refurbishment, IFE modification, Seat Cover/Cushion, Carpet and Curtain change, Flammability/Burn Testing, and Labels Language Change,

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

In addition, services include Satcom installation, Connectivity Modification, Cabin interior changes including installation of LOPAs, reconfigurations, furnishings, monuments, interior equipment/fittings, and integration of emergency escape path marking systems, Emergency equipment layouts, and Placard installations.

furthermore, Atitech provides composite repairs such as thrust reversers, flap and slat, fairing, rudder, elevator, and with a modern and state-of-the-art painting bay, allows Atitech.

These last services are set to satisfy all the customer needs in terms of sanding, stripping and painting, in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations. The company can also supply any kind and color of paint, approved by aircraft OEMs UNDER DOA PART J.

Atitech facilities. Photo: Author

Atitech Facilities

Their facilities are located at the Naples International Airport (NAP), where they have 5 hangars for a total amount of 15 bays, including the painting one. The total surface is 200000 sqm and includes hangar 1 with 8000 sqm, hangar 2 with 13000 sqm, hangar 4 with 6000 sqm, hangar 12 with 6000 sqm, hangar 15 with 9000 sqm, workshop with 5000 sqm, an office building with 2500 sqm, north dedicated engine run apron with 7000 sqm, south dedicated engine run apron with 3000 sqm and a parking and storage area with 145000 sqm.