LONDON – On the 30th of August 2018, All Nippon Airways (ANA) first Airbus A380 superjumbo rolled out of the final assembly line in Toulouse.

It has been moved to an outside station, where further tests will be carried out before the aircraft makes superjumbo first flight. Some of these tests include initial engine runs & systems check.

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Once the aircraft has made its first flight, it will be flown to Hamburg, where it will be painted and the cabin will be installed.

ANA HOLDINGS INC, the owner of All Nippon Airways placed an order for 3 Airbus A380s back in 2016. The airline plans to give each aircraft its own unique whale livery and cabin theme.

Once delivered, the A380s will enter service in early 2019 on the Tokyo-Honolulu route at first, but they may appear on other routes in the future.

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ANA is the first Japanese airline to operate the A380, originally these airframes were meant to be delivered to another Japanese airline, Skymark, however due to financial reasons they canceled their order for 6.

Emirates airline before taking the other 3 A380s, originally ordered by Skymark.

Since it’s first flight in 2005, and delivery to launch customer Singapore Airlines in 2007, 229 A380s have been delivered around the world to 14 different airlines.