Alaska Boeing 737-800 Out of Anchorage. Photo: Alaska Airlines

MIAMI — For about a year, it has been rumored that Alaska Airlines’ Eskimo would receive a major facelift, but at the recent investor’s day event, Alaska’s executives explained that there was no major makeover in the works. Although, they explained that its growth plan has seen a big makeover as competition has heated up in Seattle.


If we hopped in our time machine and went back about four years, Alaska was focused on growing in California and beyond. After building a very strong presence in Seattle, it started exploring opportunities to expand its reach, but things changed a little more than a year ago as Delta started building a hub in Seattle.

Now, Alaska is focused on continuing to hold its position as the largest airline in Seattle and keeping its customers.

Some frequent customers have started noticing a small facelift over the last few months.

For example, the pretzel packages received a facelift within the last two months. Although the new packaging boasts new colors, they also previewed some minor changes to Alaska’s logo. Although its not a big change, it is interesting to note that the carrier changed the font of the word Alaska and dropped Airlines. Additionally, the font was changed so now the “k” is no longer kicking the “a.”


The pretzel bag was not the only hint that Alaska may be refreshing its logo. In some of the carrier’s YouTube videos, the logo at the end of the video only has “Alaska” in the new font in front of a dark blue background (instead of the white background).

Yesterday, Alaska introduced the “Alaska Beyond” concept which is all about improving the flying experience. Most of the changes announced were focused on improving the flying experience. The carrier confirmed its commitment to installing Recaro seats on all of its aircraft and adding power to every seat.

Meanwhile, it introduced a brand new inflight entertainment system which customers access through their own personal electronic devices, and it also mentioned that it would be making some upgrades to its onboard dinning.


Since the debut of “Alaska Beyond,” customers have noticed changes to the Alaska logo on the website, but the mobile website’s logo still shows the classic “Alaska Airlines” logo.


So far, opinions are mixed about the small facelift. There are rumors that aircraft will be repainted with the new font. Could there be additional livery changes? We’ll just have to wait and see.