Miami – Airbus has reached the highest monthly delivery number of passenger planes so far this year in September, capped by the historic delivery of the 10,000th Airbus A320 family aircraft yesterday.

The company delivered 57 jets in September, up from 39 in August, bringing nine-month deliveries to 341. Such figures represent a 40% drop in output triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic with Airbus reportedly aiming for 500 deliveries by the end of 2020.

Airbus A320 Cockpit. Photo: © Airbus SAS

Airbus Still Tops Boeing

Having delivered a record 863 jets in 2019, Airbus this year has only sold 379 aircraft, a net total of 300 after cancellations.

Following the Boeing 737 MAX crisis, Airbus sales still top those of Boeing, which had sold 67 aircraft by the end of August and delivered only 87 jets between January and August.

Airbus, like all other manufacturers, is negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but is still very persistent in attaining consistent sale and delivery figures.

Featured image: Airbus A320-200 with original paint. Photo: Laurent Errera.