LONDON – Airbus has updated the production rate planning for its A320 family aircraft in response to the market environment.

The new average production rates for the A320 Family will now lead to a gradual increase in production from the current rate of 40 per month to 43 in Q3 and 45 in Q4 2021. This latest production plan represents a slower ramp up than the previously anticipated 47 aircraft per month from last July.

As for the A220, the monthly production rate will increase from four to five aircraft per month from the end of Q1 2021 as previously foreseen.

A350-1000 Airbus house colors. Photo: Tony Bordelais

Wide Body Production

Widebody production is expected to remain stable at current levels, with monthly production rates of around five and two for the A350 and A330, respectively. This decision postpones a potential rate increase for the A350 to a later stage. Airbus, it seems, is keeping a close eye on the market.

Indeed, with these revised rates, the European airframer preserves its ability to meet customer demand while protecting its adaptability as the airlines switch to more efficient aircraft. The company expects the commercial aircraft market to return to pre-COVID levels between 2023 and 2025.

Featured image: A320neo Airbus house colors. Photo: Alberto Cucini – @ac_av