MIAMI – Airbus has managed to squeeze in an extra one ton on MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) and gain 200nm in the range of the A220-300. With the increase in weight, the type now stands at 70.9tons, from the previous 69.9tons, and can carry extra fuel.

This possibility was discovered by mere chance during a previous MTOW increase, announced by Airbus in 2019, and concerning all the A220 family.

This first amendment augmented the MTOW by 2.3tons and gained 450nm in range while the actual and second maximum take-off weight revision only concerns the A220-300 version and can be retrofitted on the 99 already delivered aircraft if the airline wishes so.

The change, being only “a paper change,” does not require structural changes and aircraft downtime.

Photo: Kochan Kleps/Airways

Aircraft Growth Capability

“During the detailed design – as we were going through the numbers and looking at the structural reserve factors – we actually found that there was additional margin available in the [-300] structure,” said Antonio Da Costa, Airbus Vice-President Marketing, while being interviewed by FlightGlobal.

He also indicated that all aircraft are designed with growth capabilities that emerge “as we gain experience in service.”

Featured image: Airbus