MIAMI – Airbus has released its order and delivery figures for November. During the month, the manufacturer delivered 64 aircraft to 31 customers.

As outstanding deliveries, Sky Express (XW) received its first-ever Airbus-jet, an A320neo. China Southern Airlines (CZ), Ethiopian Airlines (ET), Middle East Airlines (ME), Indigo (6E) and Asiana Airlines (OZ) were the only companies that received more than one aircraft. These latter deliveries include the A320neo, A321neo and A350-900, totaling 477 net orders in 2020 as per Airbus data.

Regarding any orders made during the month, Airbus did not record any. Thus, with cancelations made throughout 2020, the company has recorded about 297 net orders so far in the year.

Airbus A321neo. Photo: Airbus.

Detailed Data

During the month, the most delivered aircraft was the Airbus A320neo with 29 units. The type’s November numbers continue the jet’s performance to date, with 226 deliveries over those of the 139 Airbus A321neo aircraft. On its part, the A330 family only saw one jet delivered, which was for Cit Leasing. Below are the detailed data from Airbus in November.

Jet TypeA220-100A220-300A319ceoA320ceoA320neoA321ceoA321neoA330-200A330-200FA330-300A330-800A330-900A350-900A350-1000A380
Deliveries in November02102912300001610
Total to date10222322691394012739121
Based on Airbus’ November report.

Despite having the best selling-record, the recent report also shows that the Airbus A320neo aircraft is one of the most canceled orders for a total of 22. The latter is only surpassed by the Airbus A220-300 with one more canceled order for the type.

Featured photo: Airbus A320neo landing. Photo: Don-vip.