MIAMI – Airbus has published its mid-year results, highlighting aircraft deliveries, the A320 family boost, transformation of the industrial value chain, and the approval by the Board of Directors of the Airbus A350 freighter version.

Apart from announcing a total delivery of 297 aircraft for the first half of 2021, Airbus reports 165 orders – against 365 for the same period of 2020 -, and net orders for 38 aircraft after cancellations against half-year 2020 at 298 aircraft. The order backlog amounted to 6925 commercial aircraft on June 30 while Airbus Defence netted orders valued at US$4.16bn (€3.5bn) against US$6.65bn (€5.6bn) reached mid-2020.

Consolidated revenues went up by 30%, totaling US$29.2bn (€24.6bn) against US$22.4bn (€18.9bn) reported for mid-year 2020. Commercial aircraft deliveries amounted to a total of 297 (196 in 2020), divided into 21 A220s, 237 A320, seven A330s, 30 A350s, and two A380.

Airbus A330 NEO F-WTTN – Photo : Tony Bordelais/Airways


Revenue from commercial aircraft increased by 42%, deriving from the increase in deliveries. Airbus Helicopters delivered 115 machines (104 in 2020) with n increase in revenue of 11% coming from services and a higher volume in civil helicopters. Defense and Space divisions reported a stable situation and the delivery of two A400M air lifters.

Commercial aircraft activities adjusted EBIT (Earning Before Interest and tax) stands at US$2.72bn (€2.29bn), out of a total adjusted EBIT of US$3.2bn (€2.7bn), mainly due to performance in deliveries, cost containment, and competitiveness. EPS (Earning Per Share) was reported at

For the future outlook, Airbus assumes that there will be no additional world economic disruptions, normal air traffic, normal internal activities, and the ability to deliver goods and services. Airbus has updated its 2021 guidance, before M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) on this basis and targets, for 2021, 600 commercial aircraft deliveries, an adjusted EBIT of US$4.75bn (€4bn), and a free cash flow of US$2.37bn (€2bn) before M&A and Customer Financing.

Consolidated Airbus – Half-Year (H1) 2021 Results

Article source: Airbus Half Year 2021 Report

Featured image: Airbus A350XWB F-WWCF. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways