MIAMI – Airbus is working towards producing a new variant of the existing A330-800 (neo) which also happens to be the least sold type for the manufacturer amongst its other widebodies.

The A330-800 currently has an MTOW (Maximum take-off weight) of 251 tons and a range of approximately 15,000 km. It can seat around 230-240 passengers in a two-class configuration. Even with these features the type has received just 15 orders and has been unsuccessful for airbus thus getting the manufacturer to improvise the model.

A330neo. Photo: Airbus/Tony Bordelais/Airways

The New “Lightweight” A330neo: Low MTOW

Airbus mentioned to Flightglobal on its new project to produce a lighter weight variant of the type.

The so-called “Low MTOW” A330neo variant will have its maximum take-off weight at 200 tons -that’s nearly 51 tons lower compared to the current A330-800.

The major weight reduction will save airlines air navigation and airport parking fees which are usually based on MTOW.

The lowered weight will also lower the fuel capacity carried and hence this version of the A330 will be very economical for short and medium-haul flights.

Lowering operating costs by 20-25 % with the same seating capacity can make this version a possible hit on high-density short and medium-haul routes like Sydney (SYD)- Melbourne (MEL), Hong Kong (HKG)- Bangkok (BKK), Singapore (SIN)- Jakarta (CGK).

Featured image: Airbus a330-800. Photo: Airbus