Airbus A350XWB Simulator Photo: Airbus

MIAMI — The Airbus Training Center (ATC) in Miami has installed its first A350 XWB full-flight simulator—the first of the type in the Americas—and complements the existing two A330 / A340 and four A320 simulators existing in the premises.

“With the A350 XWB entering into service in the Americas, we anticipate an increase in demand for widebody full-flight simulator training, especially given the program’s success in the Americas,” said Joe Houghton, Airbus Vice President of Training & Flight Operations Support.

Airbus A350 Level-D Simulator Cockpit. (Credits: CAE)
Airbus A350 Level-D Simulator Cockpit. (Credits: CAE)

To date, the Airbus A350 has seven customers in the Americas, with a joint order book exceeding 120 aircraft. Main customers in the region are United Airlines (35 aircraft), LATAM (27), Delta Air Lines (25) and American Airlines (22). Other customers in the region are Avianca Brasil (10), Azul Linhas Aereas (5 leased to ILFC) and Air Caraibes (2).

Last January, LATAM started to operate the Airbus A350, becoming the first operator in the Americas and the fifth in the world.

According to a press release, American Airlines and LATAM will be the first customers to train on the new equipment, which has received the Level-D qualification from both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

A ‘Level-D’ simulator recreates all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to training. It also provides motion feedback to the crew in training, through a motion platform upon which the simulator cabin is mounted. These features facilitate ‘zero -flight-time’ trainig of civil pilots when transitioning from an airliner type to another.