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MIAMI — In 2015, Airbus delivered 635 aircraft and saw the first revenue flight of its A350XWB. Orders exceeded deliveries during the year by a ratio of 3:2 as the company reaped 1,048 net orders, driven primarily by the strength of the A320neo and orders for 100 current engine option (ceo) A330 jets. For the year, Airbus’ deliveries by aircraft type were:


The new orders pushed Airbus to yet another year-end industry record backlog of 6,787 aircraft.


New list prices

Airbus also released new list prices for its various aircraft, with prices ranging from the A318 (which is still offered) at $75.1 million to the A380-800 at $432.6 million. While these prices aren’t actually paid by most airline customers (who get 40-60% discounts), they are still instructive for comparing relative prices. The full set of list prices for Airbus aircraft in 2016 is as follows:


Press conference takeaways – new A380 order customer confirmed

At the press conference announcing these results, John Leahy (Airbus COO, Customers) provided insights and updates on each of Airbus’ programs. The highlight is the confirmation of a new customer for the A380, which placed an order for three aircraft. While Leahy declined to name the customer, it is likely Japan’s All Nippon Airways, as we reported last week.

Another major news on the A380 was that Airbus finally broke even on a unit basis after delivering 27 A380s in 2015, and expects to drive down the break even figure further in 2016.

Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier commented on the A320neo that the delay in the delivery from December 2015 to this month was caused by “service documentation not being ready in time,” which drove issues with certification. The first delivery to Lufthansa is expected to take place within the next two weeks.

For the A330, sales figures were boosted by the sale of 100 A330s to China. Leahy continued to hint that Airbus is looking to push production rate from seven aircraft to eight per month again, and also revealed that Airbus may push the maximum take off weight (MTOW) of the A330 up to 245 metric tons from the current 242 due to strong demand for the A330ceo.

The A350 production continues ramping up, but issues in the supply chain prevented the company from achieving its target of 15 aircraft delivered in 2015. In particular, issues with interior manufacturer Zodiac on the A350 continued to escalate during the year to the point that Airbus removed the company as an interior option on the A330neo. For 2016, Airbus believes that it will surpass 50 units in deliveries, ramping up to 100 by 2018.