MEXICO CITY — After two years of development, Aeromexico has completed the overhaul of its digital ecosystem that consists of a revamped website, mobile app, and updated airport kiosks, offering customers user-friendly interactive tools, with useful information meant to enrich their passenger experience.

The result of this teamwork with New York-based agency Work & Co. is a brand new website, a mobile app and a state-of-the-art automated kiosks.  The airline seeks to improve its service to create a unique, personalized, streamlined, and simplified travel experience at different points of contact: airport, website or mobile devices.

The award-winning agency has previously worked with Sabre and Virgin America, and based on Aeromexico’s particular needs, it offered special flexibility on a consulting capacity.

Anko van der Werff, Aeromexico’s Executive Revenue Director, commented that the company doesn’t underestimate the role technology has always played for it, and that’s the reason why the carrier has always strived to present innovative solutions.

“We’re offering personalized service to our clients through our new website, automated kiosks and mobile apps. For example, if we take our new app, it will have the location of services in airports and notifications, directing you where to go, and it will integrate other services such as Uber. Ultimately, the goal of these digital solutions are to reach the electronic commerce focused on our clients’ experience,” van der Werff said.

Mohan Ramswamy, Strategic Partner for Work & Co said that in terms of user experience, the new website will facilitate the bookings and browsing. “Using a pop-up calendar, the passenger will be able to select the desired travel dates, consult the fares and complete the purchase without using an online travel agency.”

Tiago Luchini, Technology Partner for Work & Co pointed out that Aeroméxico’s new passenger-focused approach is interesting as it transforms the travel experience by offering useful information about the destination.

“I believe the current content needs to catch the passenger’s vision and dreams; where they want to go and how they want to experience the destination. It all comes down to data usage and approach, because if you can browse the content and destinations quickly, your perspective changes, and when it comes to the interface, the probabilities of purchasing increase as well.”

Meet the new

The main characteristic of the new website is its flexibility, having in mind the use of mobile devices, while upgrading the choices to personalize the travel needs of the user. The site is simple and functional, so that the user can make a reservation or check-in with a few clicks.

aeromexico-websiteMoreover, the new look and feel of the website eases the browsing through the different sections of the site, and the minimalist and modern design uses lively colors, inspired from Mexico’s own identity.

A new generation of automated kiosks

The new automated counters allow passengers to check-in, pay for seat selection, extra baggage, itinerary changes and seat assignments post check-in. According to the airline, the intuitive menu and user-friendly interface will shorten check-in times to up to 50%.

The new kiosks feature scaning and printing functions for documents, boarding passes and baggage tags. Other new functions such as class upgrades, purchase of items for personalized traveling, itinerary changes and multi language capabilities will be available in the coming months.

The new kiosks have been installed in the Mexico City and Monterrey airports, and will soon be available in an additional nine major airports nationwide.

Aeromexico at your fingertips

The new mobile app will be available at the last quarter of 2016. Passengers will benefit from notifications, personalized promotions and access and management of their Club Premier frequent traveler program. While different features will progressively roll-out, passengers will be able to check-in and get direct links to the new website to make reservations and flight tracking.


More features such as in-flight support to find specific airport services and baggage pick-up information will be available at later dates. Aeromexico Streaming, powered by GoGo Vision, will be accesible through the app as soon as 2017, without the need to download additional applications.