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777 Partners Announced The Re-Launch Of World Airways

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777 Partners Announced The Re-Launch Of World Airways

777 Partners Announced The Re-Launch Of World Airways
November 08
13:03 2017

MIAMI – The U.S.-based investment firm, 777 Partners, just announced it acquired the intellectual property of World Airways, Inc.

“World has a rich and storied history dating back to 1947. It was once the world’s largest independent charter airline, and served the U.S. military and other clients with great distinction for many years,” said Ed Wegel, Founding CEO of World Airways.

World Airways ceased operations in March 2014, almost 66 years after the day it began on March 29, 1948. The initially Atlanta-based carrier was unable to keep cash flowing to sustain service.

The firm is planning a re-launch of the iconic U.S. airline as a low-cost, long-haul carrier. The initial funding will be provided by 777 Partners, as well as the certification and aircraft acquisitions.

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777 Partners will base the airline at Miami International Airport (MIA) with MIA and LAX as initial operating hubs. Likewise, negotiations are underway with Boeing for ten Boeing 787 Dreamliners for World Airways future operations throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

“We are determined to pay proper homage to World’s rich heritage by delivering a transformative flying experience rooted in safety, technology, and service to the large segment of the traveling public historically priced out of international travel,” said Managing Partner of 777 Partners, Josh Wander.

The announcement of the “new brand look and feel” of World Airways will be made in “the next few weeks.” According to Wegel, the launching event will be under the direction of their Founding CMO, Freddie Laker.

Also, Wegel stated they are searching for partner airlines: “We will be partnering with low cost, short haul carriers in the U.S. and in the regions we serve to provide connecting traffic to and from our initial planned gateways.”


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  1. FireDawg276
    FireDawg276 November 08, 13:14

    I’m happy World is coming around again. The 787 is a great choice, and I hope that they are successful in their endeavors.

  2. Bill Sablesak
    Bill Sablesak November 08, 14:36

    Congrats & very best of luck and God Speed with World, Susan & Ed Wegel! :-0

  3. Jcabrera
    Jcabrera November 08, 19:06

    Congratulations to Susan & Ed Wegel, on your new endeavors.

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