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9/25/1991: Maiden Flight of the Jetstream 41

The prototype British Aerospace Jetstream 41 took to the skies for the first time today, in 1991, from Prestwick.

9/24/2001: US Airways Announces Closure of MetroJet

Today in Aviation, US Airways announced the closure of its low-cost subsidiary MetroJet in 2001.

9/23/2019: Thomas Cook Airlines Ceases Operations

Today in Aviation, Thomas Cook Airlines ceased operations in 2019. This is its long history.

9/22/2006: CR Airways Rebrands as Hong Kong Airlines

Today in Aviation, CR Airways (N8) was rebranded as Hong Kong Airlines (HX) in 2006 with a new livery and symbolic logo.

9/21/1992: Kiwi International Launches Flights

Today in Aviation, Newark-based Kiwi International Air Lines commenced operations in 1992.

9/20/2001: French Carrier Air Lib Is Created

Today in Aviation, French airlines Air Liberté and AOM are renamed Air Lib in 2001.

Aviation Pioneers

Pride Month: Flight Attendant/Activist Gär Traynor

When flight attendant Gär Traynor was grounded after revealing his HIV/AIDS diagnosis in 1983, he wasn't prepared to sit back.

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Alexander Graham Bell and the Aerial Experiment Association

Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor, scientist, and engineer who had a deep inquisitiveness about the world of flight.

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Remembering Australian Aviation Pioneer Max Hazelton

Max Hazelton died on Sunday, aged 95. The founder of Hazelton Airlines is regarded as one of Australia's aviation forefathers.

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Aviation Pioneers: Marcel Bloch-Dassault

This is the story of French aviation pioneer, Marcel Bloch-Dassault, who became active in the aeronautical world in 1931.

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