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12/07/2011: Virgin Australia Absorbes V Australia

V Australia was integrated into Virgin Australia on this day in 2011.

12/06/1957: Maiden Flight of the Lockheed L-188 Electra

The Lockheed L-188 Electra took to the skies on this day in 1957, two months ahead of schedule.

12/05/1919: Avianca Is Established in 1919

Avianca (AV) was established in 1919, becoming the world's second oldest airline.

12/04/1991: Pan Am’s Final Flight

After six decades of incredible aviation heritage, Pan Am ceased operations on this day in 1991.

Did You Fly the McDonald’s McPlane?

"This is your captain speaking on the McPlane flight from Zurich to Palma. Big Macs and milkshakes will now be served."

12/02/1939: New York’s LaGuardia Airport Begins Operations

The much-criticized airport first opened for business on this day in 1939.

Aviation Pioneers


A Brief History of Latino Aviation Pioneers

Hispanic men and women have changed aviation since the dawn of flight, setting records and exploring the farthest limits of.

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Lateral Control: The Saga of the Curtiss Goupil Duck

This is the fascinating story of the Curtiss Goupil Duck that chronicles four aviation pioneers battling it out in the.

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Airlines Industry Pioneers Special Flights

All-black Female Flight Crew Honors Bessie Coleman

For the first time in the history of American Airlines (AA), all of the crew involved on flight AA372 were.

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Pioneers Safety

The History of the Flight Data Recorder

The history of the Flight Data Recorder is intriguing, and it's come a long way since its introduction in the.

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