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5/16/1942: Canadian Pacific Airlines Is Founded

Today in Aviation, Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP) was officially formed in 1942. This is the story of how this once.

5/15/2003: Government of Guernsey Acquires Aurigny

Today in Aviation, Aurigny Air Services (GR) was acquired for £5m by the States of Guernsey in 2003.

5/14/1997: Star Alliance Is Founded

Today in Aviation, five leading airlines founded the Star Alliance, the world's first and largest airline alliance, in 1997.

5/13/1970: Joe McBryan Founds Buffalo Airways

Today in Aviation, the family-run Buffalo Airways (J4) was founded in 1970 by pilot Joe McBryan.

5/12/1982: Braniff International is Grounded

Today in Aviation, One of the world's most iconic airlines, Braniff International (BN), ceased operations in 1982.

5/11/1934: the Douglas DC-2 Takes Flight

Today in Aviation, the Douglas DC-2 operated its maiden flight in 1934. In command was Douglas Test Pilot Carl Cover.

Aviation Pioneers


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