FARNBOROUGH — As Farnborough has now come to an end, we can now take a look at the famous question of who dominated in this week’s airshow.

To determine this, we will have a look at the official statistics released by the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier and figure out who had the better airshow in numbers.


Airbus concluded their trading on Day 4 at FIA18 at around midday, announcing that they had sold 431 commercial aircraft over the course of the show, with successes across their entire product portfolio.

The carrier labeled particular successes onto their newly acquired Airbus A220 program and also on the A330neo families.

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Airbus noted in their results that on a pre-show basis, they came in with already 177 single-aisle and 84 widebody orders for the year of 2018, 60 of those being A220-300s, bringing the total count to 321 units in all.

The 431 unit figure is the one to count, which featured 93 firm orders and 338 Memorandum of Understandings.

The 431 units are broken down to 60 A220-300s, 304 A320 Family aircraft, 42 A330neos and 25 A350XWBs.

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They noted down the A330neo orders as a strong endorsement at the show for this family.

With the 431 units sold at Farnborough alone, this takes the yearly order count to 752 aircraft, featuring 354 firm orders and 398 Memorandum of Understandings.

The breakdown of the 752 unit figure shows 120 A220s, 481 A320 family aircraft, 56 A330 family aircraft, 75 A350 Family aircraft and 20 A380s respectively.

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Eric Schulz, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer said:

“Our year to date and our end of show commitments confirm the strong market appetite for all our leading aircraft product families, from our newest member, the 100-150 seater A220, complemented by our A320 Family up to 240 seats, seamlessly connected to our widebody family with the all-new A330neo and A350 XWB which span from 250-370 seats.”

“At the top end, our A380 is now opening new opportunities for the second-hand market. I am especially pleased about the strong response that our Widebody Family is enjoying.”

“Over 150 orders and commitments for our A330/A350/A380 offerings in 2018 are a strong endorsement.”

“At Airbus, we are positive about our future – in Single Aisles, Widebodies and the Middle of the Market. We are right there with the right aircraft.”

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Overall, it has been a very strong airshow for Airbus, having to boost up their business with either new customers or old-standing carriers.

The only problem with some of the orders was that they were undisclosed, and that is how they managed to get their number.

With them being undisclosed, it is unclear whether they will be finalized anytime soon, but for now, all we can do is watch and see at the next airshows whether the deals will be disclosed.

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Airbus has done very well and they have been able to sell the units necessary to keep production lines on the likes of the A330neo, A220-300 and A350 line all alive for even longer than they are currently at.

Their aims will be looking towards Paris next year when they will be wanting to identify the undisclosed customers that they have been relentlessly announcing as well as securing some bigger orders to then hopefully beat Boeing.


Boeing has absolutely dominated the airshow this week, having taken 673 units sold to 21 different customers at a list price valuation of $98.4 billion.

Boeing’s Ihssane Mounir stated that 145 of these orders were unidentified prior to the airshow, meaning the official number for the airshow was 528 units sold, which is 228 more than Embraer and just 97 units more than Airbus, meaning that they have stormed the show in the numbers.

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Coming into the airshow, Boeing had 460 units ordered for the year valued at around $5 billion. 141 of those orders were Widebody and 319 of them were single-aisle overall.

“Boeing led the way at Farnborough, demonstrating value for our customers, capturing important new business in products and services, and announcing the unique strength of our strategic partnership with Embraer. We also invested in our European communities, and launched our new Boeing NeXt organization—proving the future is built here, at Boeing,” said Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

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“We will continue to win in the marketplace thanks to our talented team, who innovate across our enterprise with One Boeing collaboration and deliver on our proven portfolio with a relentless customer focus,” he concluded.

Out of the wider number of 673, there were 52 orders for the 787 and 564 for the single-aisle 737MAX, including the highlight of the airshow being VietJet as a confirmed customer for 100 more 737MAX aircraft, which doubled their order count for the aircraft type.

Furthermore, there was stronger demand for the 737MAX10 which gained 110 orders and commitments respectively.

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All-in-all, it has been a very successful airshow for Boeing, having come out on top against the likes of Airbus, Embraer, and Bombardier.

They will be taking this confidence about their customers into the Paris Air Show in 2019 when they will be hoping to disclose some of the unidentified customers as well as bringing on more customers into the Boeing organization.


Embraer wrapped things up pretty quickly on the second day of trading by holding just one media briefing outlining all of the orders that have been received at the airshow.

The manufacturer sold a total of 300 aircraft in the space of a 30-45 minute briefing, at list prices of $15 billion in total.

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They started off small with Mauritania Airlines signing up for two E175-E1, as well as NAC signing a Letter of Intent for three E190-E1 aircraft.

An undisclosed customer from Spain was then announced for five E195-E2s, featuring three firm and two additional aircraft for options.

It is rumored to be Air Europa, but that will remain speculative until later confirmed. After those small orders, the larger quantities started flowing in.

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Wataniya Airways comes first, ordering 20 E195-E2s, featuring 10 firm orders and 10 options.

Wataniya previously ordered Airbus aircraft earlier this week to complement both medium haul and short-haul overall.

Swiss carrier Helvetic Airways came in and placed an order for 24 E190-E2s, featuring 12 firm orders and 12 options.

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This is to replace the overall older fleet of E190s and Fokker 100s that the carrier has already.

Azul Airlines then joined the order fiesta by signing an LOI for 21 E195-E2s, all firm orders.

Then finally, the biggest order for Embraer came from US carrier Republic Airways, who ordered a whopping 200 E175-E1s.

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This gigantic order features 100 firm and 100 options. The options are also convertible to the E2 variant.

Overall, Embraer completely stole the show at Farnborough today, having sold the most units, all under one gigantic announcement.

It has been a fantastic start for the E2 project and is good to see that the E1 is working consistently well with the E2 in securing orders.


Bombardier has had a very slow week, only receiving one order for four CRJ900s with ATMOSPHERE cabin from Uganda Airlines.

The deal was worth around $190 million at list prices and will make the carrier the first to operate the new cabin in the whole African continent.

Uganda Airlines will operate the CRJ900 in dual-class configuration with 76 seats, including 12 first class seats.

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“We congratulate the Government of Uganda for the revival of its national flag carrier, and are thrilled that the new airline has selected Bombardier and the CRJ900 regional jets for its upcoming debut,” said Jean-Paul Boutibou, Vice President, Sales, Middle-East and Africa, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“Recognized for its superior economics and efficiency, the CRJ Series aircraft have enabled airlines worldwide to serve communities with better connectivity, and we look forward to supporting the development of Uganda’s regional air travel with these CRJ900 regional jets,” he added.

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In all, it has been very slow for Bombardier and after the sale of the C-Series program to Airbus for a 50.01% majority stake, the A220 does not represent any orders from Bombardier anymore.

They will now have to place their focus on the CRJ families and Dash 8 families to gain as much sales revenue as feasibly possible.

This may be through securing orders for Paris next year or before that.


ATR has had quite a quiet spell this Farnborough Air Show. They signed two deals with two different carriers for a total of eight aircraft.

They, first of all, signed a deal with Hokkaido Air Commuter which was a Memorandum of Understanding for three 42-600 aircraft, two of them being a firm order and one being an option if they decide to take it. Deliveries are scheduled to begin by 2020 respectively.

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The second deal was with Columbian carrier EasyFly for five -600 series aircraft, featuring three 72-600s and two 42-600s via a Memorandum of Understanding.

They did not say when deliveries were due to begin but the carrier has bought the aircraft to replace their aging Jetstream 31s.

In all, it has been a very quiet airshow for ATR, but they are running along smoothly gaining the small orders that they need to keep their supply chain running and operable without any concerns over job security or low production rates.

The Final Results…

At what is known as full-time in the rules of association football, we have the top three table established as the following:

  • 1st Place: Boeing with 528 units sold.
  • 2nd Place: Airbus with 431 units sold.
  • 3rd Place: Embraer with 300 units sold.
  • 4th Place: ATR with 8 units sold.
  • 5th Place: Bombardier with 4 units sold.

Boeing has had a very successful Farnborough Airshow selling nearly $100 billion worth of commercial aircraft in just four days.

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Airbus has also done well but still need to make up the ground that Boeing has gained, which is a 97 unit difference in total.

The A220 has had a great start for Airbus, having secured 60 orders at Farnborough and 60 orders after it’s launch.

They will now be wanting to compete directly with Embraer to take more market share away from them on the E2 program.

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Embraer has had a very successful airshow, even if they did come third.

They have managed to kickstart their campaigns for the E2 program as well as remaining consistent with the current E1 program also.

Both Bombardier and ATR have had good airshows regardless of the lack of orders because to them, it is about establishing the smaller relationships.

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Having talked to the guys in both manufacturers over the course of this week, they have no worry about acquiring the larger orders because they would rather have smaller orders to start with and then generate them into larger orders through their customer relationships.

So it doesn’t seem all that bad at all.

Until next year in Paris, we will see what the results will become.